Thank you to all the parents for your help in making the 2015 Stingray Winter Splash a great success!! We couldn't do it without all the volunteers! Congratulations to new Stingray Team Record Holders from the Stingray Winter Splash: Jessica Flynn (13-14 100 Breaststroke, and 200 Breaststroke) and Hannah Morgan (Open 200 Breaststroke)!!!

Welcome to Stingray Aquatics!

Our goal at Stingray Aquatics is to encourage every Stingray athlete to feel like a winner and behave like a champion.

The sport of swimming is the vehicle we use to teach children life skills and how to reach their full potential. Winning without learning is not Stingray Aquatics desired goal. In swimming competition, the most important measure in our program is not who collected the most medals, or who dropped the most time in a given event. The true measure is who learned the most from the competitive experience.

Some things learned through competitive swimming are development of listening skills, discipline, interpersonal skills, time management, goal setting and enhanced and positive self-image. These are the things that make swimmers more successful not only during their swimming careers, but long after as well. We strive to inspire our athletes to achieve to their fullest potential and to also contribute to the world in which they live.